In the future, this page will serve as a forum for discussion, including an interactive blog feature.

     For the present, I will use this space to present a few arguments showing why I think a “young earth” viewpoint is not the only Biblical explanation for the origin of the universe.  These arguments were too detailed to include in Journey Through a Jewel.

     In my opinion, proponents of a young earth, although sincere and zealous, may have done a great deal to harm the credibility of Christianity in the scientific world.  By clinging to a narrow interpretation of Genesis Chapter 1 and, subsequently, appearing to force the geologic record into a mold supporting that interpretation, they may have created serious problems to combining good religion and good science.  Unfortunately, young earth arguments are often the only ones presented as an alternative to a completely naturalistic theory.

     On the other hand, scientists, such as John Clayton, Hugh Ross, William Dembski, Michael Behe, Jonathan Wells, and many others have presented compelling scientific evidence supporting “Intelligent Design.”  However, many scientists mistakenly view the Intelligent Design argument as nothing more than Young Earth Creationism in new clothing.  While it is true that evidence of fine-tuning in the universe and numerous examples of "irreducible complexity" found in many life forms has led some to accept the Intelligent Design theory, it does not necessarily lead to acceptance of the Bible or to religion in general.  However, for those who do recognize the amazing compatibility between modern science and an old earth interpretation of Genesis Chapter 1, this evidence is faith strengthening and presents a viable alternative to Young Earth Creationism.  For instance, on pages 233 to 239 of The Source by John Clayton and Nils Jansma (Howard Publishing, 2001) many fallacious young earth arguments for the formation of the geologic record and the Grand Canyon are discussed. I have written a Workbook for the Source which you can review for yourself.




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