When I was a little girl living in Canada, my family moved to a new town almost every summer because of my fatherís job.  Since I was shy, I usually didnít make any friends until I started back to school in the fall, so I spent my summers reading.  In fact, my father used to say that we had to move every year because by the time a year had passed, I had read all of the books in the local library.

     Later in life, after many more years of reading and after earning a BA in English, I decided I had gained enough education and self-confidence to attempt writing a book myself.  When I went whitewater rafting on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, I suddenly had the setting for my novel.

     I had several goals in mind as I wrote the story about Cadie and Bren.  I wanted my readers to feel that they had taken the trip themselves by the end of the book, so my descriptions of the boatmen, the rapids, and the places of natural beauty along the river had to be accurate and well researched.  I also wanted to include much of the colorful history of the people who first explored the canyon, because their experiences add to oneís appreciation of the power of the river and the forces of nature.  Finally, I wanted to interweave arguments for the existence of God into a coming-of-age story, so that readers of all ages would be exposed to a compatible combination of science and faith.

     I welcome comments and/or counter-arguments on the book.  Contact Us at s@sljansma.com




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